Hey, Babe!

Welcome To My blog...

It is honestly so good to have you here. I’m Cait, a 21-year-old gal, born in Northwest England but currently living a million miles away, in the picturesque paradise known as New Zealand (if you’ve never been, put it on your bucket list asap).


It feels a little surreal to be writing a bio for my very own blog, considering it’s something I’ve been dreaming about since my early teens. After religiously following bloggers and YouTubers, I always knew that one day I wanted to use social media to share my own story. Making that dream a reality has been a rollercoaster but I’m so glad to be launching this thing in my twenties. After making it out on the other side of my adolescent years *just*, I can now say I’ve been “there”. I’ve hit the lows. I’ve eaten an entire tub of mint choc chip ice cream at 2am and then cried myself to sleep. I’ve faced bullying. I’ve had my heart broken and I’ve broken someone else’s. I’ve lost friendships and repaired them. I’ve struggled with my mental health, my physical health and my faith. But if I’ve learned one thing along the way, it’s this:


Every day we’re writing our own stories. I don’t know about you, but my biography thus far is a little messy. I always thought that was a bad thing. I’d look back on my childhood, my struggles and failures and wish more than anything I could change them. This mindset kept me depressed and lacking self-love for many years. Only now, after a whole lot of growing and soul-searching have I made peace with my past; I’ve stopped hating it and instead, started to harness the power it holds. When we realise that our negative experiences are just as valuable as the positive ones, we can learn from them and use them to connect with others. We can make beauty from broken things if we just muster the bravery and vulnerability to share our messy parts with the world. And I think that’s pretty special.

Therefore the goal of this blog (and essentially my ultimate life goal) is to simply to share my story with the world – in all it’s raw, messy glory. And if somehow, in the process, it manages to bring a little light, comfort, or healing to the life of someone else – even better.