7 Reasons Why You Need To Follow Poet Rupi Kaur ASAP


If you're on Pinterest or Instagram, you probably already know of Rupi Kaur. And if you don't - you should. Just shy of a million followers, her poetry is re-grammed every couple minutes and her first self-published book, Milk and Honey is now a New York Times Bestseller. (Pretty incredible for a twenty-four-year-old gal!) Her poetry is simple, honest and centred around typical experiences that those of us in our teens and twenties can all relate to: Love. Loss. Trauma. Femininity. Healing.... by the time I reached the final chapter of her book, it felt as though she had become the sister I never had. Here are the top 7 reasons why I love her so much (and I know you will too!)...

1.) She is not afraid to call herself a feminist | She addresses "taboo" topics, stands up for women's rights and refuses to feed the ego and pride of misogynist society.

2.) She believes in women supporting women | Many of her poems focus on relationships between women and how we can help one another to become our best selves. She recognises that we are powerful individually, but even more so when put together.

3.) She wants her audience to practice self-love | She believes that if you cannot first learn to love yourself, then you will not fully and wholly know how to softly love another being. We must give to ourselves so that we can give to others. 4.) She reminds us of our strength | Regardless of how many times we have shattered into a million pieces, we are resilient. We keep on going, no matter how hard we hit rock bottom.

5.) She has the best breakup advice | Where was this list when I was going through my first heartbreak?! (Mint choc chip is even my favourite ice cream flavour)

6.) She heals wounds with her words | And finds the sweetness in even the most bitter moments.

6.) She crushes unrealistic beauty standards | With just a few words.

7. And she knows that beauty isn't everything | Emphasising that women are much greater than just being pretty.

To find more information on Rupi Kaur, you can explore her website or follow her on Instagram.