Are You Bored With Life? Please, Read This.


Uh-oh. If you've landed on this post because you're bored with life... I hate to tell you this, but you're kinda in my bad books. Don't get me wrong, I still love you (a lot) for taking the time to read my blog but I gotta be honest - boredom is my all-time pet-peeve. Maybe yours is open-mouthed chewing, body odour, excessive traffic or weirdos who don't know about personal space? And believe me, these things irk me just as much as the next person. But the one thing which completely drives. me. up. the. goddamn. wall. is when someone says: "I'm bored". Those words, to my ears, sound like a million fingernails scraping down the world's biggest blackboard. A little overdramatic? Possibly. But if you're wondering what's so awful about it... please, answer me this one question:

If you won the lottery right now, what would you do?

I'll bet everything I own you would absolutely not be staying right where you are... lazing on the couch/in your office/staring blankly at the TV, being "bored". Right? You'd probably be scrambling for the nearest suitcase and getting on the first outbound flight to Bora Bora. You might quit your job and start on that book you've always thought about writing. Or perhaps you'd travel to all your "bucket list" places. Or buy that RangeRover. Or launch that business. Or start pursuing music, or art, or whatever it is you've been too afraid to try for fear of failure. If only, huh?

However, congratulations are in order. In case you hadn't heard, you have already won the lottery. It's called the lottery of L-I-F-E. The fact that you have AIR in your lungs at this very moment, makes you the jackpot winner. So why the hell are you lazing on the couch/in your office/staring blankly at the TV, being "bored"? Sure you might not be able to catch the next flight to a tropical destination but you have won a gift no amount of money could ever buy: Being alive in this very moment. The precious present. To make whatever the hell you wanna make of it.

Being "bored", simply means you are wasting your winnings. Let me remind you that your prize is finite. It could run out at any time. You already know this because there are people in your life, who didn't win as much as you did; People who were not afforded as much time as you have been blessed with. Therefore boredom, in my opinion, is simply a lack of gratitude. Which is precisely why it rustles my jimmies so damn much. It's like winning $89 million and then complaining it's not enough. Anyone would think that absurd, yet here we are wasting valuable seconds of our lives by moaning and being bored? You may as well be throwing $100 bills into an open fire. Because the reality is that as you're reading this, you are dying. Right now. You. Me. All of us. We don't know when it will happen, all we know is that we are certainly on our way to death. Meaning, time should be our most prized possession.

If this is the case (and it is the case), then why are so many of us spending 8 precious hours every day doing a job we dislike? Working for bosses we hate or organisations we don't believe in. Why do we stay in toxic or unhappy relationships far longer than we should? Or hang out with people who's company we don't even enjoy? Instead of grabbing life by the lapels, we live in the past. We don't pursue our dreams. We settle for second best. We go for the safe option and we make Plan "B"s because we're too afraid of chasing Plan "A". We lounge around dreaming instead of doing. And then we have the audacity to waste even more time grumbling about it.

Has anyone ever told you, you're in control of your own life? If you don't want to be bored, then just don't be. Stop doing things that make you feel gloomy and blasé. Call it quits in your mediocre relationship, ditch the crappy job and clear out the rest of the rubbish in your life. Stop whining about Monday mornings. Or any mornings, for that matter. You should be thanking your lucky stars at the sight of the sun each day. The realisation you've been given another 24 hours on this earth should excite you not depress you. That's 24 hours of endless possibility. And it's 24 hours someone else would've treasured. Please, I am begging you. Don't waste it.

The ultimate key to avoiding "boredom" in your life, is to realise how lucky you are to even have a life.

Then go out and bloody live it.