21 Life Lessons I've Learned (Or At Least Tried To) In 21 Years

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  1.) Physical and mental health are perhaps the most important foundations in life. Many other good things pale in significance if you lose your health, so never feel guilty for self-care. Also, sugar is the devil.

2.) Comparison is emotional arsenic. It'll kill your self-esteem, your confidence, your relationships, your creativity and ultimately your peace of mind. Nip it in the bud.

3.) People you love will hurt you - forgive them. You will hurt people you love - forgive yourself.

4.). "Most of the things that people say to put others down are rooted in jealousy. They give up on the things they really wanted to do in life, and then they want others to as well so they don't feel as bad." - Something I was told years ago, by the smartest person I know. These words have stuck with me ever since.

5.) You'll worry less about what others think of you when you realise how seldom they do. While you're worrying what Jenny thinks of your newly acquired muffin-top, Jenny is too busy stressing about the pimple on her forehead.

6.) When life gives you lemons, buy expensive lace underwear.

7.) Loving someone does not mean merging into them. Don't ever build your home in the pit of someone else's stomach. Another person will never complete you. The most they can do is compliment.

8.) You become like the five people you spend the most time with (that's scientific). Choose wisely.

9.) Trust your gut. Women have God-given intuition.

10.) You have the power to select your thoughts, in the same way you select your clothes each day. Positivity is a choice, a consequence of personal effort.

11.) Avoid people who make you feel as though you are hard to love.

12.) There is bittersweet beauty in heartbreak. To have experienced a love so consuming that its absence leaves you empty, is a privilege some people will never know. Try not to dwell in the emptiness but be thankful for the moments you were filled.

13.) Some people will constantly ask for your advice yet never take it. Also known as "ask-holes". Like the old saying goes: "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink". You'll want to bang your head against a wall but don't waste your precious time. Unfortunately, some people just don't want the help, even if they claim to.

14.) A f*ck boy will always be a f*ck boy.

15.) It's good to have dreams. But you absolutely must act on them rather than just talking about them. If you want them to manifest you need to hustle and hustle hard. Nothing will destroy your goals like procrastination will.

16.) Keep creating even if other people think your art is sh*t.

17.) Keep creating even if you think your art is sh*t.

18.) Mindfulness, Gratitude and Generosity are the three keys to a happy life. The most enchanting gypsy lady once told me that the Western world believes success = happy. However, in the Eastern world, they believe the opposite. Happy = success.

19.) Change is inevitable. Avoid clinging to things which want the freedom to evolve: people, relationships, emotions, style, passions, your own soul... Change can be uncomfortable but it is not your enemy.

20.) The older you get, the faster the years flick from one to the next. Life is too short to not spend every day doing the thing you love most. Believe in whatever it is that makes your heart race.

21.) No one else knows what they're doing either.