July Faves: Inspiring Ted Talks, Dua Lipa & A Book About Sex


Happy Monday, friends ☺️ And happy (almost) August! It's 4 degrees here in New Zealand right now and I'm currently wrapped up in my fluffy dressing gown in bed, finishing up this faves post and trying to figure out how yet another month has flashed by!

You may or may not have noticed there was no #DearCait post on my blog last Friday. I've had to revise my posting schedule a little, as I have a lot of projects on the go at the moment... and I refuse to put out half-arsed content, especially when it comes to giving you guys advice and encouragement. I don't take your questions lightly and like to spend time musing over them and putting thought into my replies. So don't stress - #DearCait is definitely still happening! From now on they'll just be slotted in on the occasional Monday, among my usual posts. (If you have a question or something you'd like to chat about, feel free to send an email to cait@lovecaitx.com). Now, onto my July favourites!


Faves To Watch:

Celebrities Speak Out On Fame & Materialism This video has been around for a while but I think it's a reminder we all need! It's so easy to get caught up in this crazy social media world and it's hard to believe those at the pinnacle of fame & fortune are often the unhappiest. I'm very lucky to have met and made friends with some people who are already at 'the top', and am so glad I met them this early on in my career as they have all assured me of the truth in the simple statement so many of us desperately don't want to believe: "Money does not bring happiness." Nor does fame.

Sheryl Sandberg On Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders | TedTalk Sheryl Sandberg has held the position of Facebook chief operating officer since 2008 and is one of a handful of women to reach the upper ranks of corporate executives. The global response to this 2010 TED Talk inspired her to write her bestselling book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.

Selena Gomez - Fetish ft. Gucci Mane Music Video It seems a lot of people felt Selena's most recent vid was creepy and confusing. I get it, she's eating soap and rolling around in squashed tomatoes. But personally, I found the whole thing (which was shot by creative genius Petra Collins) to be original, artistic and powerful, especially cause two women teamed up to create it. Selena recently revealed that the song is about “crazy and complicated” love. IDK about you but some guys have definitely made me feel crazy enough to stick my own tongue in an eyelash curler 😂

Searching for love to escape ourselves - Hayley Quinn | TedxTalk In this searingly honest talk, Hayley explores the possibility that maybe our search for love is as much about running away from ourselves as running towards someone else.

Dua Lipa - New Rules Music Video Forget my #DearCait column. My girl crush, Dua Lipa has all the advice you'll ever need for getting over your ex: (1) don’t pick up the phone, (2) don’t let them into your home and (3)– above all else – do not remove your underwear. “If you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him”. Can we get a yes and amen?


Faves To Read:

There Is No Good Card for This: What To Say and Do When Life Is Scary, Awful, and Unfair to People You Love by Emily McDowell and Kelsey Crowe The book that partially inspired this blog post. I said it in that post and I'll say it again now... it should be mandatory reading for every human. Please, get yourself a copy!

How You'll Do Everything Based On Your Personality Type by Heidi Priebe Recently I have been super obsessed with personality types and a particular test you can do which somehow looks into the depths of your soul just by asking you a series of questions haha. I won't write a huge spiel about it here... but keep an eye out for next week's post 😉

Loveology: God. Love. Marriage. Sex. And the Never-Ending Story of Male and Female. by John Mark Comer My faith is something I'm yet to properly address on my blog. Admittedly this is mostly due to the fact that it's been a little wobbly the past couple years (I will talk about this at some point) but more importantly, I never want to come across as the obnoxious, preachy-type. However, God, love, marriage and sex are all things I'm constantly pondering and questioning the meaning of, so when I discovered this book I had to read it. Parts of it resonated with me and I found it to be really interesting so I thought I'd pop it on the faves list too.


Faves To Listen To:

I decided to make a 'monthly faves' playlist on Spotify that I'll be adding to each month so if you wanna find all my favourite songs in one place, click here and hit the follow button!

5AM - Amber Run My #1 fave song this month. Thanks, Seth, for introducing me to this magic (and half the other songs on this list haha).

Don't Let Me Let You Go - Jamie Lawson

Liar - Léon

Better - Kodaline

Winter Comes - Josh Record I bought a signed copy of Josh Record's album Pillars when he released it in 2014, I loved it that much! It's still one of my all time faves and I always find myself coming back to it when I'm feeling a bit down. Music heals, you guys!

Dead Tree - Josh Record

Belief - Josh Record

The Scientist - Coldplay

Violet Hill - Coldplay

Ex (Acoustic) - James TW

Drive - Oh Wonder

If This is Love - Ruth B.

Stay - Nick Wilson

Burn It Down - Billy Lockett

Sing to You - John Splithoff

Waves - Dean Lewis

Real Peach - Henry Jamison

You're Gonna Live Forever in Me - John Mayer

Good Together - HONNE

June, After Dark - Elliot Root

Baby Blue - Tor Miller


Faves To Follow:

@missfqnz - My fave NZ magazine. You can get their mag in stores nationwide and read their articles on the MissFQ website.

@sebeeeg - I'd seen Sebastian in a couple of Jess & Gabriel's vlogs before (some of my fave YouTubers) and recently had a chat with him on Instagram. He's super lovely and genuine and makes awesome videos too (his most recent vid really touched me) - go check him out!


Faves To Wear:

@katextee - y'all know I'm a sucker for cute underwear and this Australian label is to die for!


Let me know in the comments below what your fave things have been this month - I'd love to know!