A Non-Comprehensive List of Things You Probably Don't Know About Me


1. Since birth, I've almost always had a boy best friend. 2. I'm naturally as pale as a ghost, but I marinate myself in Bondi Sands tan once a week so I don't blind people. You're welcome.

3. I've never met my biological dad but I've been in contact with him via email since I was sixteen.

4. Instead of having a party for my 21st birthday, I spent it in a club with one of my best friends and Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore. It was the best night of my life.

5. I'm not a fan of shopping in stores but I am the queen of online spending.

6. I don't believe in soul mates in the typical sense. I think there's a bunch of people we could be happy with and it's up to us to decide who we want to love forever.

7. Small talk and surface level friendships are my worst nightmare. I have a handful of close friends and they're my ride or dies.

8. I can't and won't watch horror movies. I really enjoy psychological thrillers but am highly sensitive and will have nightmares for months on end afterwards.

9. My love language is gifts. I love giving and usually start Christmas present planning in September.

10. I can't work in my office if it's messy and I can't sleep in my room unless it's clean.

11. I make the world's best lasagne. Challenge me, I dare you.

12. I can sometimes remember up to ten dreams each night and they're always totally bizarre.

13. I'd much rather do a job I love for little pay than do something I hate for loads of money.

14. I have lived in 14 houses and 2 countries.

15. I'm really sentimental and have a special memory box overflowing with mementos (including every letter every ex-boyfriend has ever written me).

16. Flying is my biggest fear. I once had a full blown panic attack on a flight home from Australia, resulting in me being put on an oxygen tank and wheeled to the medical room when we landed (we also got through priority customs though... so y'know, perks.)

17. I moved to New Zealand almost a decade ago and still haven't been home to visit England. Partially because of #16. Partially because it's so bloody expensive.

18. There aren't many things I want more than a sausage dog.

19. My 15-year-old brother is so much taller than me. Although at 5"4, being taller than me is not hard.

20. I am a perfectionist to a fault. If I can't do something perfectly, I won't do it at all. It's something I'm really trying to work on.

21. I smell cups before I use them. Not sure why.

22. I have 3 little tattoos.

23. I'd prefer to adopt rather than have biological children.

24. You don't want to see me when I'm hungry.

25. I broke my left arm when I was eleven after braving a very steep hill on my Heelys (remember the shoes with the wheel in the heel?). The doctors reset the bones wrong and now I can't turn my wrist properly.

26. I avoid taking pharmaceuticals and believe strongly in alternative medicine and natural healing. The Truth About Cancer documentary is possibly the best and most eye-opening thing I've ever watched.

27. One of my favourite quotes is "still waters run deep".

28. I hate conflict and physically feel it in my body.

29. That being said, if you criticise my principles or values, it won't be pretty. Questioning my motives is the quickest way to my bad side.

30. I once woke up after a night of drinking, in an unfamiliar apartment and wearing someone's mum's leopard print nightie over the top of my clothes. Don't ask, I don't know. I was seventeen and stupid.

31. My feet are tiny and they're always cold.

32. I've been sponsoring a little boy called Godwin in Naguru, Uganda since he was 4 years old. He'll be turning 8 next month and he has changed my life in so many ways.

33. I have Emetophobia to an extreme. Even writing this makes me panicky.

34. Purple Rain by Prince is one of my all-time fave songs and Stacy Francis's XFactor version of it is one of my all-time fave videos.

35. I used to compete in equestrian shows when I was younger. My mum is a qualified horse riding instructor and taught me to ride.

36. My celeb crushes have always been Johnny Depp and Russell Brand. Always will be.

37. I really want a nipple piercing but I'm too lazy to take care of it for 12 months(?!) until it heals.

38. I cried hysterically when Michael Jackson died because I didn't get to see him perform live.

39. I'm always partway through 5+ books at any given time.

40. I'd eat a jar of peanut butter in one sitting if I didn't care about my thighs.

41. My face is really asymmetric and my left side is my "best side".

42. Christmas is my favourite holiday.

43. When I was 13/14 my biggest aspiration was to live in the playboy mansion. Still grieving that dream tbh.

44. Since starting my blog, the only TV series I watch is Celebrity Big Brother UK (leave me a comment if you're watching the current season!) because it's only on for a few weeks, twice a year. I avoid all other series like the plague as I have an addictive personality and will binge watch 24/7 (and get zero work done) otherwise.

45. I once took two weeks off school to watch all six seasons of Gossip Girl. Case in point.

46. I adore poetry and think this love came from my uncle. When I was little he'd recite endless poems to me. The one I remember most is The Tyger by William Blake. It's one of my favourite memories.

47. I had this weird innate belief in God my entire life but didn't properly learn who Jesus was until I was seventeen. Many miraculous things happened around this time and I became a Christian in 2013.

48. I never wear a bra.

49. I'm the kinda friend that won't answer your text for five months but would be at your house with pizza at 3am if you were having a hard time.

50. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ. This explains basically everything about me.




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