The Best YouTube Videos To Soothe Your Monday Blues


Real talk: This weekend I refused to put on proper pants, ate half a tub of peanut butter (directly from the jar) and actively avoided all possible contact with the outside world. Basically, what I'm saying is that the PMS is real, ya feel me? I'm crampy, irritated and so tired I could sleep for a week. On Saturday I spent the entire day brainstorming new, exciting ideas for blog posts and magazine collabs but could not muster the energy or headspace to actually write. And I'm 100% blaming my ovaries. I am aware, however, that today is my upload day and I wouldn't dream of leaving you all without content. So before I go treat myself to a totally undeserved Lush-infused bubble bath and a big glass of wine, I thought I'd compile a collection of the best videos I’ve been watching and re-watching lately, to help get you through your Monday blues.

I hope something here interests, inspires, moves or motivates you. Or simply makes you laugh ☺️

Happy Monday, babes! Have a blessed week! ♡


1.) Potentially the sweetest proposal video in the world

2.) Ed Sheeran doesn't recognise his best friend on Graham Norton

3.) A fascinating conversation between JK Rowling and Harry Potter himself

4.) The nicest girlfriend prank EVER

5.) A motivational video about Speed by Gary Vaynerchuk

6.) Power couple Jojo Gomez and Donovan Okimura dance to 2U by David Guetta ft. Biebs (& it's hot)

7.) Gorgeous African babies dancing to Happy by Pharell



Cait x