The Pits & Peaks of August 2017


Hi, angels! Happy September!

I was inspired to start this new end-of-month series after reading the lovely Bonnie Brown's blog (go check it out, she's an incredible NZ illustrator and writer). Every Sunday, she documents the best parts of her week "peaks" and the worst or most challenging parts "pits". I always love reading through her weekly recaps and think it's such a great way to keep everyone updated on the latest happenings!

You may have heard of this little "pits & peaks" practice before if you keep up with the Kardashians. Apparently it's somewhat of a family ritual for them to share their days with each other at dinner time (A+ parenting IMO). And the older Jenner sister Kendall often posts her highs & lows on her app (from what I've heard, not seen, cause I don't wanna pay the access fee haha).

My life though, unlike Bonnie's and Kendall's, is not nearly interesting enough to warrant updating you every seven days. So we'll settle for every thirty or so.

Here's the month that was August...


P E A K S : 

Went for coffee with a stranger - No, I'm not even kidding. It's safe to say I stepped well out of my INFJ comfort zone this month. How we met is a long story but I had so much in common with this girl and we ended up chatting for three hours! This could actually be the overall highlight of my month.

I hit 20,000 likes on Facebook!?- I have no words. Just thank you, thank you, thank you!

New music from Astrid S - do yourself a favour and listen to the whole Party's Over acoustic album.

Online friends - For real though, thanks to the Internet I now know amazing people everywhere. You know who you are!

Met up with my ex - yes, this was a genuine peak. He also really dislikes the term "ex" but I just dunno what else to refer to him as here so sorry if you're reading this, Steve! It was basically the first time we'd seen each other since we broke up in February. We went to church, then got lunch together and it was really nice to feel the shift from things being crazy emotional and a bit tensiony between us, to things being more settled as we adjust to life apart. It's just proof that time does heal and we'll always have love for each other despite our split. V happy about that.

Celebrity Big Brother UK - & crushing hard on the sweetness that is Sam Thompson.

Finally had dinner with my BFF - after not seeing him for months on end (why do we always do that?) and ate my own body weight in food. While I'm on the topic, go follow my boo @jesse.rodler on Insta 'cause he's equal amounts sassy and easy on the eyes.

Cleaning - My room and office always accurately reflect the current state of my life. The past month they've been a hot mess. But yesterday I washed my sheets, vacuumed and scrubbed every surface in sight. All is well in the world again. And now I can finally sleep.


P I T S :

Very busy - To the point where my daily to-do lists were so overwhelming that I spent most of my time stressing about how long the to-do lists were. Then the to-do lists became even longer and I became even more stressed. Logical.

The state of my bank account - Seriously u guys. It's not good. Had a minor (*major) breakdown over this situation last week 'cause there are things I reaaaally wanna do (especially with my blog) but I can't afford to right now with my part-time wage. Then I gave myself a reality check and was like "You know what, Cait. If you want more money, you're just gonna have to get off your butt and somehow make more money." So I am rectifying this situation ASAP. Stay tuned.

Found out peanuts aren't actually nuts - just felt kinda deceived TBH.

Time zones - The only downside to online friends. They're scattered all over the bloody globe and I have to check my World Clock app every hour to see when everyone's awake. Also, I just want to spontaneously hop on a plane and go see them but I'm beyond terrified of flying. Also, my bank account (see above).

Sarah Harding won Celebrity Big Brother UK - which I was royally pissed off about and now the show isn't on again for another six months and this is such a first world problem, I know.

Back to the busyness - I haven't read a book cover to cover this month and I hate myself for it. It's probably due to the fact that CBBUK has been on. Therefore I really have no excuse. In retrospect, CBBUK is most likely the source of all my problems this month. I'm writing this with resentment and regret.

My car's Warrant of Fitness AND Rego are out of date - and can someone actually explain to me why we have to spend money on these things?


What were your peaks and pits this month? Let me know in the comments! ☺️